I recently attended a green-building seminar that was very intriguing.  Already familiar with the green building process, I was interested in furthering my knowledge on the subject so that I could put it to work for my clients.

The green-building process is an environmentally sensitive practice that aims to conserve energy and other resources during construction as well as throughout the life of the home. 

Contrary to popular misconception, the green-building “revolution” is anything but.  The green-building process is founded in prehistoric times, when necessity forced people to make the most out of the natural materials they had available to them.  Living habitats were geographically selected according to location…with the occupants searching for the location that would best utilize the warming and cooling trends given off by sunlight. 

So why is green-building still relevant to homebuyers today?  The cost of energy is predicted to go up dramatically in the near future, simply because the infrastructure currently in place struggles to support people, while at the same time balancing the scarcity of natural resources.  Each year consumption among developed countries increases while more and more developing countries enter the game as well.  And let’s face it; we all want to see our environment stay as clean as possible and not use up all our natural resources if other alternatives are available. 

The instructor showed a home here in Albuquerque that is completely sustainable on solar power alone.  And the family has all the amenities we all have!  The solar power that we have now is really something we should harness here in New Mexico because we have so many days of solid sunlight! 

So is a green-built home something you are interested in?  There are so many levels of “green” to be had.  From more efficient homes that make the most out of the energy we currently use, to homes that are completely sustainable on solar power alone.  Please give Jon or myself a call if you are interested in learning more about what the green-building process in New Mexico has to offer you.