This past weekend as I was driving down Alameda Boulevard in Albuquerque, I passed some plant nurseries and noticed they were receiving their new southwestern plants for our high desert areas.  Oh spring is in the air!  When many people think of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, oftentimes people visualize a vast, barren desert rather than beautiful flowers and plants.  But here in New Mexico, we have so much more!  We really do have spectacular gardens that burst with color.  If you carefully plan your garden or yard, then your plants will require very little water.  This form of landscaping is referred to as Xeriscaping.

Albuquerque & Santa Fe are located in the high desert regions, with varying elevations from 5,000 to 8,000 feet.  Our higher elevations result in special needs for our plants and gardens.  Whether you are just purchasing your first home and will have a major landscaping project this spring, or simply want to improve your existing landscaping, there is a wonderful book that I would like to recommend to you.  The name of the book is 'New Mexico Gardner’s Guide' by Judith Phillips.  This book is written specifically for New Mexico, and has the author’s top recommendations of plants that thrive in our climate.  It will also prepare you for what to expect from each plant when it reaches maturity, how to select your plants, and also how to coordinate them with other plants to accomodate similar watering needs.  The author also offers great insight into what makes a beautiful arrangement in your garden due to the different colors and textures of each plant.

In my opinion, I don’t know how you could live here and not own this book!  It is a New Mexico gardener's best advocate!  The author provides detailed planting advice as well as listing the benefits each type of plant brings to your landscaping needs.  For instance, does the plant attract butterflies?  Hummingbirds?  Produce edible fruit? Have a frangrance?  Produce food for birds and wildlife? Drought resistant? Long bloom period? Native Plant? And the list goes on and on.

So check out her book and get busy planning that new back yard or courtyard.  Or possibly change up your existing landscaping with a fresh new look for this Spring.

I am often asked by sellers, "What can I do to improve the selling potential of my home?"  I often encourage sellers to improve their landscaping and the home always looks better as a result.  So happy planting!